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Learn the MSG way in Delhi India

The MSG is a middle and high school alternative where students attend campus one week a month nine times a year.  They are taught and supported in Math Science and English.

Become an adult.

Participation in the MSG provides a tremendous opportunity to grow both in academics and life skills. Traveling independently and living outside of the home a week a month provides skills needed in the adult world.


Here are some common questions regarding the MSG model of education

Please contact us and ask any other questions you may have.

Has this model been tested?

A school using exclusively this model existed in China for over 10 years. We are now operating schools in Chiangmai Thailand and Vientiane Laos.  A new school is opening soon in Hanoi Vietname. 

Why only Math Science and English?

We teach a month of material during the one week the students attend.  This can only be done fairly if we focus on the college prep core. This also allows for families from various national backgrounds to keep up with their home country subjects.

How do you handle boarding?

The students live in family style dorms of up to 8 students per house.  They normally arrive on a Saturday and leave the following Saturday.

What is the cost?

The school will cost between 3 and 4 thousand USD per year. This includes boarding and food and all other costs. It does NOT include travel costs to and from the MSG city.

When will it open?

The MSG in India is in the early stages of development. Due to Covid-19 we are currently waiting to proceed. We hope to launch a program in September of 2021

Is the program accredited?

The current MSG programs are not accredited.